About us

Moradia Brothers Chem Pvt Ltd based in Surat has a rich history in manufacturing and supply of chemicals to various industries. We sell purified water and other chemicals to business units. We have built up a sizeable customer base, many of whom are repeat customers who use us for their chemical requirements every time the need arises. Company has vast experience in providing pure and high chemicals to industry. Company has highly qualified & best educated staff who understands customers needs in manufacturing and production process.


We aim to be recognized as leaders in terms of the products we provide and the industries we serve. This means driving ourselves to be the best in everything we do. Our strategy is to be a professional consistent organization with excellent people who have deep industry knowledge and provide multidisciplinary capabilities.

This approach meets our client’s expectations, creates opportunities for our people and enables us to fulfill our responsibilities.


"Our company believes in practicing the principles of good corporate cultures as a means of effective protection and enhancement of client & products value.

The company is a high believer in moral values, ethics and transparency in its operations.

Moradia Brothers Chem Pvt. Ltd. is targeting to offer products with new thinking and future looking directions. We do not want to only react on customer needs; we want to create them by offering new quality solutions as per their needs."